Social Media

Every Leader’s Kit includes social media digital downloads. It is 2–3 social media posts for every lesson in text and photo form. You can use them as a preview of the upcoming study, a follow-up during the week, or encouragement of small group discipleship or devotional time.

GCP intentionally designs a link between the church and home. It’s part of the mission of growing in grace and passing our faith on to the next generation. The social media posts will encourage your students (and parents) to reflect on the session during the week. Here are a few tips:

What app?
Pick the communication style and method that you’re comfortable with. Talk with your students in the first few weeks of the study to find out what they are using. It may be as simple as text or email, or the latest social media app. This is constantly changing, so take the cue from your teens. (This may mean you need to recruit a willing student to help you!)

If your students aren’t on social media or using phones, their parents likely are. So this might be a good way to connect with them as well! Each situation is unique.

What to post?
Copy/paste the text from the download, upload a photo, or do both. Customize the text to your teaching series and schedule. Hashtag it with the series title, add a Scripture reference, or add a question of your own for students to respond to.

Session 7 Samples: The Covenant with Abraham, Part 1

  • Abraham believed God, and God counted him as righteous.
  • God can be trusted to keep his promises because they are based on his faithful character and not on anything we do or fail to do.
  • God promised Abraham a land and many descendants, and to make him into a great nation and a blessing to all peoples.
  • God is always faithful and can be trusted to keep his Word.

Social Media Posts and JPEG Illustrations for all 13 sessions are included with G2R God’s Promises Leader Kit purchase.


Did you know that there’s a thread woven through the whole Bible?


From Genesis to Revelation: A Solid Foundation.


Every Leader’s Kit includes social media digital downloads.


The truths of the covenant of grace are amazing, beautiful, and staggering.