Why Teach This Way

The method of teaching and learning in G2R Bible Survey is different than at younger ages. The emphasis is on studying through observation, interpretation, and application of Scripture, enlightened by the Holy Spirit and guided by the teacher. In younger ages, such as in Show Me Jesus Younger Elementary, the teacher told a Bible story and students did activities to apply the truths they learned. In Show Me Jesus Middle Elementary, the teaching style changed to a combination of storytelling, teaching, and interactive discovery. In G2R Bible Survey, interactive discovery takes center stage as preteens and young teens read the Scriptures for themselves, answer open-ended questions, and use other methods to dig into God’s Word. They learn how to use Bible study skills in a passage of Scripture, such as underlining key and repeated words, making lists of what they learn about God and themselves, and much more. As teacher, you guide them through the discovery process using the Teacher Manual and InQuire student paper. Click here to read Why a Bible Survey?

The InQuire paper is the most important part of the lesson, allowing students to discover and discern biblical truths and apply them to their lives. Timelines, maps, and other creative visuals enable students to understand the grand overview of the story of the Bible and how individual Bible stories fit together in the big picture of God’s redemptive plan throughout history. InQuire is designed to get them into God’s Word for themselves, with you guiding them and not lecturing. Keep these tips in mind:

  • If your students work ahead, let them complete the entire paper on their own. Then go through the lesson, discussing what they’ve discovered.
  • Or, to keep students focused on one section, have them cover the next section with a blank piece of paper.
  • Ask a schoolteacher for tips specific to your class.
  • If students complete the InQuire paper, they will have studied the key aims for that lesson.

The weekly Devo paper provides Scripture readings, questions, and memory work activities to help students delve more deeply into God’s Word at home. Developing a good habit of regular Bible reading and prayer is crucial for students to begin their own personal time alone with God.

The G2R take-home paper is filled with fresh and fun activities to reinforce what the students are learning in their study of the Old and New Testaments.

By God’s grace, the intent of these studies is that you and your students will gain a deeper hunger and thirst for God in his Word, and a greater love for and trust in the Savior he promised and sent to die for our sin, Jesus Christ.


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The method of teaching and learning in G2R Bible Survey is different


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