How To Order

  • Each teacher of Kids’ Quest needs 1 Teacher Kit. This includes 12 lessons in a teacher’s manual with creative ideas, teaching outline, games, Bible background; large posters/visual aids; and a Student Pack with 12 activity papers for in class and at home; and First Catechism booklet (vol. 1).
  • Each student needs 1 Student Pack. This includes 12 activity papers for in class and at home; supplemental activities; and First Catechism booklet (vol. 1).

Overview of Beginning Kids’ Quest for Preschoolers (ages 4–5)

Beginning Kids’ Quest studies Q/A 1–46 of First Catechism in three volumes. Each volume of 12 lessons is divided into three units of four lessons each (36 in all). To learn all 150 Q/A of First Catechism, use Elementary Kids’ Quest.

The children learn new questions and concepts in the first three lessons of the unit. The fourth lesson is Review & Recitation Week, a time when the children individually recite the answers to the questions for credit and participate in activities that reinforce the concepts they have learned.

To highlight the importance of reciting the answers, R&R (Review and Recitation) Week is treated as a celebration and may include decorations, special refreshments, a theme, photos, and lots of songs and activities. The teacher may record the children’s recitation on the Recitation Chart (included in manual) and the Attendance/Recitation Poster, while the children color or place stickers in their First Catechism booklets for each answer recited successfully. This special event requires planning, a person to listen to recitation, and additional helpers.

A goal of reciting the answers to 46 questions at one sitting is a big goal for most preschoolers. Reciting a block of answers at each R&R Week and cumulative group review of each lesson is a manageable way of accomplishing this big task.



Each age level—Beginning Kids’ Quest and Elementary Kids’ Quest—has three volumes with 12 lessons in each


Each volume has its own Teacher’s Kit reflecting different learning styles and including teaching visual aids, songs, and a Teacher’s Manual written in age-appropriate language.


Each teacher of Kids' Quest needs 1 Teacher Kit ...