It's been wonderful how God has allowed us to serve you through this past year and to continue to provide curriculum and other resources as we begin a new ministry year. What's the latest?

We Are Shipping Curriculum!

Fall 2021 Reboot Webinars & Training

FREE "Show Me Jesus" Welcome Download for Parents!


We are taking orders and shipping! Click here for Quick Order of the current season "Show Me Jesus" curriculum or call 800-695-3387 to order anything you need.

Some of you may still have families at home, or may be combining multiple ages or having difficulty recruiting volunteers. If so, contact us and we can help you think through how to use:


Our desire at GCP is to serve our churches with the best curriculum resources to teach your children the truth of God's Word and the story of Jesus. We also want to help you train your teachers and give you resources for your parents. From June to August, we're hosting several live webinars to help as you prepare to restart a new year.

Topics include Big Picture Restart, recruiting volunteers, family worship, teaching hymns, catechism, and more!

We are here to help with your specific situations or to do custom online training at your church. Contact us anytime!


Many of us are welcoming back our families, having new families join, and everything in between. It's a great time to share your vision for what God is doing in your children's ministry and help parents disciple their kids. We can help!

Click here for your FREE "Show Me Jesus" Welcome Download. It includes:

  • Spiritual goals for every age group to print or email to parents
  • Overview of what our kids will be learning this fall
  • The Complete Plan for Teaching God's Complete Word PDF to share