Teacher's Kit (TK) Winter
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Our families are important to us. We live and grow in the context of parents, siblings, adopted, extended, and blended family groups. In this series, your children will learn what it means to belong to the most special family of all—the family of God.

Through Bible stories, parables, and teachings of Jesus, children will be taught about God’s great love in a way that they can understand. They will learn that his love is so great that he calls them his children, making them part of his covenant family. (Note: Lesson 1 can be used as a Christmas lesson.)

In 13 lessons, children will learn:

  • that God sent his Son, Jesus, to be the Savior
  • that God draws his people into his family, making it possible for them to trust in Jesus for forgiveness of sins
  • that they need the help of the Holy Spirit to live in God's family
  • that God wants his people to love him above all else
  • that growing in God's family means forgiving others, serving others, listening to God's Word and doing what it says, and growing in trust and obedience.
  • This new series can be used with multiple ages (ages 3–2nd grade) and in different settings: Sunday school, home, combo online/at church, during “big church.”

    • Includes 1 Teacher Kit (physical copy)

    • 13 Bible Story Videos (play at church or send to families at home) — including colorful weekly emails with all the links to make it easy for you!
    • 13 Reproducible Coloring and Activity PDFs
    • 13 Parent Pages to help with family devotions
    • The Lord's Prayer poster
    • 3 Song Lyric Videos

    No returns on digital purchases. Access to videos expires 6 months after date of purchase.


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