Teacher's Kit (TK) Fall
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Due to the coronavirus impact, we recommend churches use Preschool Summer Year 1 "God Keeps His Promises" for FALL. **NOTE: If you place an online order that includes FALL material, we will contact you before shipping the order.** Thank you for understanding! Contact us if you have questions!

GOD LEADS HIS PEOPLE - God's thrilling rescue of Israel from Egypt and how the Old Testament points to the Savior. Teacher's Kit includes a user-friendly Teacher's Manual with 13 complete lessons, 100+ pages of detailed lesson plans, a weekly teacher devotional and colorful teaching aids on high-quality paper. Also, 1 Student Pack with creative in-class activities to engage hearts and hands, and weekly (13) take-home papers that form an essential home connection: Parents can read the Bible story to their little ones, have family devotions, and use activities and prayers to reinforce the truths to their children all week. *Note that the Songbook is now sold separately and not included in this kit.* Click for Preschool Year 2 CD, Songbook, and list of songs.

"This is by far the most useful and God-honoring Sunday school material I've ever used! The verses are appropriate and God-centered—the rhymes are creative, effective, and meaningful (not just cute). The take-home papers are a great tool for parents. The use of the catechism is great, and the songs are delightful and instructive!" —Sandra, teacher

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