Teacher's Kit (TK) Summer
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GOD KEEPS HIS PROMISES - Isn’t it wonderful that God ALWAYS keeps his promises? In 13 lessons, children will follow God’s amazing unfolding promises to Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, and David to their fulfillment in Jesus the Savior. Children will be encouraged by God’s love and faithfulness to his people in these lessons. Learn more here!

Teacher's Kit includes a user-friendly Teacher's Manual with 13 complete lessons, 100+ pages of detailed lesson plans, a weekly teacher devotional and colorful teaching aids on high-quality paper. Also, 1 Student Pack with creative in-class activities to engage hearts and hands, and weekly (13) take-home papers that form an essential home connection: Parents can read the Bible story to their little ones, have family devotions, and use activities and prayers to reinforce the truths to their children all week.

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