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The Larger Catechism, so rich in biblical teaching, has been long neglected, even by conservative Presbyterians who embrace it as one of their three standards. This commentary, written in the mid-twentieth century, is being published in book-form for the first time, to encourage the catechism’s increased use and study.

Because the Larger Catechism supplements the Shorter Catechism on such topics as the church and the means of grace, believers will find it a rewarding resource. P&R Publishing (2002), 616 pages, 17 chapters.

G. I. Williamson, author of books on the Westminster Confession and Shorter Catechism for study classes, has edited Vos’s commentary on the Larger Catechism. Supplementing the commentary are the following:

• W. Robert Godfrey’s introduction to the history and theology of the Larger Catechism.

• A detailed outline of the Larger Catechism.

“Finally—a clear, contemporary exposition of the magisterial Larger Catechism!” —Joel Beeke

“Ought to be on every minister’s and elder’s shelf.” —Duncan Rankin

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