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3.5" x 5.25" pocket-sized booklet with the 150 questions and answers of First Catechism. 40 pages. Excellent resource for beginning discipleship in the Christian faith. Handy booklet size fits in your pocket or purse.

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“The catechism is a time-proven way of getting Bible truth into our hearts, so that we think, know, trust, and desire according to God’s Word. I go back to this catechism, which has been my companion for more than fifty years, again and again, to help me remember ‘the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.’”­ —J. Ligon Duncan III, Chancellor/CEO of Reformed Theological Seminary

“Join First Catechism with a basic introductory Bible study, and you will give people both the message of the Bible and an encyclopedia to understand it. What a superb, inexpensive tool for outreach!” ­—Bill Shishko, Regional Home Missionary, OPC

Publisher: Great Commission Publications © 2017

Children’s edition with illustrations and numbers to mark progress available here.

Children’s edition accompanies Kids’ Quest Beginning (preschool) and Elementary curriculum, which include music. Download a sample lesson.

First Catechism on your phone, tablet, or laptop? Yes, check out First Catechism To Go here!

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