Why God's Promises?

Did you know that there’s a thread woven through the whole Bible? Those 66 books written over thousands of years by many different men are telling THE story of God’s redemption through Christ!

The thread that ties it together can be called the covenant of grace. God made promises to the very first people he created, and made more wonderful promises to his people through history. And he has kept every single one of them.

How did God prepare his people to recognize and receive the Savior who was to come? In the Old Testament, God unfolded his plan to redeem his people in a progressive way, revealing little by little who he is, what he is like, and how he would accomplish redemption and keep his promises. The story of God’s covenant of grace shows us God’s preparation of his people and revelation of his plan.

From the Garden to the Deliverer
After Adam and Eve sinned, God gave his first promise of salvation. But sin was ever present—seen in the murder of Abel, the tower of Babel, and many other tragic events. The flood showed God’s judgment on sin and the seriousness of sin to our holy God. We also see demonstrations of God’s grace: his saving Noah in the ark and giving him the rainbow as a sign of his covenant.

In Abraham’s time the promise of salvation took on the more formal form of a covenant, and God added specific promises concerning a land, many descendants, and a blessing to all people. God gave the law to Moses and promised King David that a descendant of his would always be on the throne. The prophets spoke of a child who would be born of a virgin in Bethlehem and that the Messiah would be the suffering Servant. Little by little, God revealed how he would restore sinful man to himself.

Finally, the promised Deliverer came. He did what no other man could do; he perfectly obeyed God’s law and died as a substitute for sinful man. By his death he satisfied the justice of God—“the wages of sin is death.” By his resurrection he defeated Satan and his evil purposes. Jesus Christ fulfilled the promises of the covenant, and is redeeming a people who will love and serve God forever.


Did you know that there’s a thread woven through the whole Bible?


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The truths of the covenant of grace are amazing, beautiful, and staggering.