Why a Bible Survey?

Do you want your students to be unprepared many years from now when challenged about the inerrancy of the Bible by college professors or friends?

Do you know how to equip them with the fact that the Bible is indeed God’s own Word to his people?

This is just one reason among many why it is important for your preteens and young teens to do an overview of every book of the Bible, and why it is essential that they see God’s one story of redemption through Christ in its historical, chronological context.

Leading, Not Lecturing

By this age, most covenant children have a foundational understanding of the basic stories of the faith. They also understand some doctrine, that is, a sound biblical knowledge and understanding of God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Creation, the Fall, Satan, sin, salvation, the church, and the Scriptures.

Now they are ready to handle more organized units of Bible study. Digging into the history and chronology of the Scriptures for themselves at this age helps them put into an integrated context the stories and truths they learned at younger ages.

If you have students for whom this is their first introduction to the Bible and/or church, you may have to explain more basic information.

In either case, the aim for teachers of the G2R Bible Survey is to point students to the Scriptures, ask questions, and fill in the gaps, not lecture. Students will learn much as they dig into God’s Word for themselves, as well as from the discussion of others in the group. This interactive methodology will challenge the new learner as well as the more well-versed student.

Building on the Foundation

If your students are to have a strong structure for future biblical studies, it is essential they grasp the big picture of God’s one story through redemptive history, how he has revealed himself, how he has chosen a people for himself, what he is like, and what his purpose is from the creation of the world until the end of history.

Your preteens and young teens may be quite familiar with many Bible stories, and totally unfamiliar with others. Even very few adults understand which prophets prophesied in a specific king’s reign in the Old Testament, and why that is important to know.

The G2R Bible Survey explores the what, where, and when of God’s revelation. This prepares your students to delve deeper as a teen into the why and how through the lens of the covenant—God’s promise that “he is our God and we are his people.” Visit www.gcp.org to learn more about studies for older students.

The intent of G2R Bible Survey is to whet the appetites of your preteens and young teens to desire God’s Word and to grow closer in relationship with Christ as they see God’s whole story from beginning to end. Pray that your students will discover the joy of being called to be a part of this grand narrative of redemption.


Do you want your students to be unprepared?


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