There sure are a lot of unknowns as we navigate this season of ministry …

  • How are we doing church as things keep changing?
  • How will we continue to do children’s, youth, and adult ministry?
  • How long is this going to last?

Yes, those are our questions, but we thank the Lord with you for what is known about our great and sovereign God, even in the midst of the unknowns around us! Great Commission Publications is here to help as you continue ministering to the children and families of your church with the truths of God’s Word. How? Click the links below to find out!

Permission to Copy GCP Materials

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NEW! "Living in God's Family" Deluxe Teacher Kit with Bible Story Videos!

Pilgrim's Progress Adventure—EXTENDED OFFER!

FREE FC2Go with Kids' Quest Curriculum


We have expanded permissions to copy GCP children’s materials ordered on or after January 1, 2020. Click here for the PDF download. Contact us at or 800-695-3387 if you have further questions.


We are taking orders and shipping! Click here for Quick Order of Show Me Jesus curriculum or call 800-695-3387 to order anything you need.


Our families are important to us. We live and grow in the context of parents, siblings, adopted, extended, and blended family groups. In this series, your children will learn what it means to belong to the most special family of all—the family of God.

In 13 lessons, you will teach the children what it means to be a child of God. (3-year-olds through 2nd grade)

Through Bible stories, parables, and teachings of Jesus, children will be taught about God’s great love in a way that they can understand. They will learn that his love is so great that he calls them his children, making them part of his covenant family. (Note: Lesson 1 can be used as a Christmas lesson.)

Only $74.99! What’s included?

"Growing in God" Teacher Kit (physical copy)

  • Teacher Manual (100 pages) with 13 lessons
  • Visual aids for every Bible story
  • 1 Student Pack (physical copy) with creative in-class and at-home family activities

  • 13 Bible Story Videos (play at church or send to families at home)
  • 13 Reproducible Coloring and Activity PDFs
  • 13 Parent Pages to help with family devotions
  • Lord's Prayer PDFs
  • 3 Song Lyric Videos


Buy Deluxe Video Teacher Kit here!

$1.00 OFF STUDENT PACKS! When you purchase the Deluxe Video Teacher Kit, you will receive a discount on the "Living in God's Family" Student Packs. (Discount only available by phone: 800/695-3387.)

Student Packs (reg. $11.99) are filled with creative in-class activities to engage hearts and hands, plus weekly (13) take-home papers that form an essential home connection: Parents can review the Bible story and Scriptures, go over Bible memory work, and have family devotions with the suggested readings to reinforce the truths to their children during the week. They can be used at church, picked up, or mailed home. The activities reinforce Bible truths in age-appropriate ways, give family devotion ideas, and help with memorizing God’s Word!

"Growing in God" Deluxe Video Kit (Old Testament) also available for K-3rd Grades!


Share the life-changing gospel by following Christian on his way from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City. On his journey he will meet friends and foes, and liars and truth-tellers. And your kids and families can come along—learning how Jesus helps them on the way! They will learn:

  • a deeper understanding of Christ and the gospel
  • the necessity of God’s Word, the Holy Spirit, and other believers
  • what the Christian life is—a pilgrim’s journey of ups and downs

Watch this video to find out about this HUGE offer and HOW to use Pilgrim's Progress during this transitional time of ministry. Great option to minister to multiple ages at home or at church!

Teach Pilgrim’s Progress at home, church, or whatever combination you need. The illustrated storybook and dramatic reading will get kids off screens and into their imaginations while learning about the Christian life!

1. Get the Deluxe Classroom Kit ($85) for your kidmin leader or parent(s) who want to homeschool or host backyard Bible clubs. It has everything you need to lead the adventure: Teacher Manual, huge map, hardback Storybook, Dramatic Reading CDs, Song CD, 13 student activity papers for young and older elementary kids.

2. Invite your families and children ages 6–12 to pack their bags and join Christian on his journey.

3. Get one Student Pack per child. This $45 value is only $14.99 (offer only good by phone). It includes:

  • Fully illustrated 13-chapter storybook with glossary and map
  • 13 activity papers to reinforce lesson aims and relive the story PLUS includes 13 additional activity papers for the older kids as well
  • Their own map of the journey ... PLUS
  • FREE digital download of the Dramatic Reading (word-for-word of storybook, character voices and sound effects, 1 hour and 43 minutes)
  • FREE digital download of Songs for the Journey (7 songs)
  • FREE Parent page (PDF) for use at home

4. Schedule a Pilgrim’s Progress Pick-up Party to give each family their adventure kit!

5. Plan an end-of-summer Pilgrim’s Progress event, such as singing the songs or having a closing program or fair (included in Deluxe Classroom Kit), where each family can showcase their own journey and the community can be together.

Learn more about the action-packed adventure here!

Offer only good by phone at 800-695-3387 until December 31, 2020. Free samples at

We are here to help you or your church during this crisis! Contact us anytime.

FREE FC2Go with Kids' Quest Curriculum

Kids' Quest is a great curriculum for teaching basic Bible truths. You can teach multiple ages at the same time!

Learn more about the two departments (preschool and elementary) of Kids' Quest here.

SPECIAL OFFER: When you purchase any Student Pack, we will license you to send a FREE FC2Go to families! FC2Go puts First Catechism on your phones or laptops for memorization of the 150 Q/A. Watch video below!

Learn more about Beginning Kids' Quest. It's for ages 4–5 and covers Q/A 1–46 of First Catechism: Creation, Trinity, God, Scripture, Adam and Eve, Covenant, Sin, the Fall, and Grace.

Learn more about Elementary Kids' Quest. It's for 1st–4th grades and covers all 150 Q/A of First Catechism (all the topics above, plus the Ten Commandments, Lord's Prayer and more)!

Special offer of FREE FC2Go with Student Pack purchase ends December 31, 2020.