To The Congregation

God has called us to be worshipers. To glorify God in this way is our chief end, both in this life and in the life to come. Too easily the pews become seats where spectators sit to enjoy a performance by others. The Bible knows nothing of such a passive dimension in worshiping God. Worship involves the entire congregation in performing for the enjoyment of a divine audience. The pastor and other leaders are there to guide us. Worship is ours to do, and to do as well as we can! One key place where all of us become active is in the singing of hymns.

You know how helpful it is to have our own Bible, with key passages underlined and notes written in the margins. It is helpful as well to have your own hymnal, with personal notations—and even to take it with you to worship services.

In preparing for worship, think of Trinity Hymnalas part of your script. It helps you to know what you are to say and do in several aspects of the service. Meditate on each hymn to be sung. Note the topic at the top of the page (indicating the overall theme) and the Scripture. Below the hymn appear the names of the author of the word (to the left) and the composer of the music (to the right). Even if these are not familiar names—such as Luther or Wesley or Bach—the dates will help you to place the hymn in its historical setting. You are voicing some of the same heartfelt praise that was offered by God’s people who preceded you.

All of God’s people are worshipers—what a privilege!