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Jr. High students will be using the Bible’s unifying theme of God’s covenant in this three-yearcourse. They will trace the development of the covenant from Genesis through Revelation. Students will discover God’s unfolding plan to save his people, the fulfillment of that plan in the work of Jesus Christ, and the way the Holy Spirit worked then and works now in the lives of God’s people.

Jr. High studentswill look at various aspects of the covenant God made with his people. They will find the intense practicalityof his promise to be our God.Part of the covenant exploration will include learning how Jesus as Savior fulfills God’s covenant. You will have the privilege of presenting the claims of the gospel to your students with the prayer that they will respond by taking their place in covenant with God.

When the Bible speaks of covenant it is talking about the way God relates to his people. The covenant is an agreement in which a sovereign God promises to be our God, the one who cares for us and provides for us. In turn, He insists that we faithfully keep all the requirements of his covenant. However, we are heirs of Adam’s sinful nature and are incapable of obeying God’s covenant.

But God is gracious! His covenant centers around his greatest promise - the promise that he would send his only Son Jesus to be our substitute to fulfill all the requirements of the covenant. Jesus alone kept the requirements of the covenant. He bore in his own body the penalty for covenant breaking by dying on the cross for his people.

Jesus – as mediator – both proclaims and guarantees the covenant. Jesus calls us to faith and loving obedience, based on his work as the One who fulfills all the covenant demands.

The Holy Spirit is the gift of the Father and the Son to the church. It is the Spirit who applies the benefits of the covenant to believers, as he lives in us and gives us the power to love and obey God.

Each of the 12 quarters of Jr. High, Exploring God’s Covenant, incorporates these five fundamental objectives:

  1. Students will discover the unity of the Bible as they learn that covenant is an overarching theme of Scripture.
  2. Studentswill be directed to Jesus Christ as the One who fulfills all the requirements of the covenant for them.
  3. Studentswill gain confidence in understanding and interpreting the Bible.
  4. Studentswill be equipped to better obey God and serve others out of gratitude.
  5. Students will be challenged to claim God’s promises for themselves.

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Jr.highers learn best by learning for themselves.


Jr.highers learn best by learning for themselves, so inductive Bible study or directed discussion