1 Kings - Malachi

“I will make a new covenant with you.” In the previous three studies of G2R God’s Promises—from Genesis to 1 Kings—your students have seen God’s faithfulness amidst his people’s abject unfaithfulness. So when the people of God heard this prophecy from Jeremiah after centuries of covenant failures on their part, how much hope must have stirred in their hearts that God had not given up on them but would restore and renew them.

In G2R God’s Promises 1 Kings–Malachi, students explore what happened to God’s people after he split the kingdom. Israel had no good kings, and even Judah’s good kings didn’t obey perfectly. They all pointed to the need for the perfect King and Covenant Keeper. Yet even during this dark time, God preserved a remnant of faithful people: the prophets Elijah, Elisha, and Isaiah, and exiles like Daniel and his friends.

Here’s a glance at the 13 lessons in this study:

  • Sessions 1–5: The divided kingdom and the ministry of Elijah and Elisha (1–2 Kings, 2 Chronicles)
  • Sessions 6–9: Isaiah’s prophecies about the Savior to come and King Hezekiah of Judah (Isaiah)
  • Sessions 10-13: The exile and return of a remnant to the Promised Land; promises of a new covenant (Daniel, Ezra, Jeremiah, Ezekiel)

Remember the purpose of this course: G2R God’s Promises traces the covenant story from Genesis to Revelation. This is a different focus than G2R Bible Survey, the foundational course for preteens and younger teens, an exciting journey through every book of the Bible:

  • G2R Bible Survey focuses on the who, what, where, and when of God’s plan.
  • G2R God’s Promises zeroes in on the why and how.


From Genesis to Revelation: A Solid Foundation


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