Exodus - Joshua

“I will not leave you or forsake you.” God strengthened Joshua with these words after Moses died. The covenant Lord was repeating his promise to the new leader that he would be with his people, that he would be their God, and that they would be his people. He would dwell among them—the heart of the divine covenant promises.

In G2R God’s Promises Genesis–Exodus, students discovered a marvelous promise in Genesis 3:15 and saw the beginnings of God’s unfolding redemptive plan through Christ. They learned of God’s covenants with Adam and Eve, Noah, and Abraham, and saw how God repeated them to Isaac and Jacob. He preserved Eve’s seed through Joseph’s rescue in Egypt and grew his people into a great multitude.

In G2R God’s Promises Exodus–Joshua, students will reach many “aha moments” as they see God’s promises made and kept through the lives and events of fearful, failing, and sinning men and women. And you will guide them to understand that our triune God is a covenant God—the God who in the Person of Jesus bore the curse of the covenant so his people would receive the blessings of his promises.

Here’s a glance at the 13 lessons in this study:

  • Sessions 1–5: God’s covenant with his treasured people and Moses as their leader (Exodus 19–40, Leviticus 16)
  • Sessions 6-9: Israel’s unbelief and God’s mercy through the mediator Moses (Numbers 11–21)
  • Sessions 10-13: Entering the Promised Land and renewal of the covenant (Joshua 1–24)

Remember the purpose of this course: G2R God’s Promises traces the covenant story from Genesis to Revelation. This is a different focus than G2R Bible Survey, the foundational course for preteens and younger teens, an exciting journey through every book of the Bible:

  • G2R Bible Survey focuses on the who, what, where, and when of God’s plan.
  • G2R God’s Promises zeroes in on the why and how.


From Genesis to Revelation: A Solid Foundation


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