God's Growing Church

The Spring 2 quarter, entitled God’s Growing Church, introduces third and fourth graders to a hands-on study of the book of Acts.

In the first unit, God’s Promise and Plan for His Kingdom, students will look at the Old Testament and the New Testament to trace God’s plan to build his kingdom through his people. They will learn that with the coming of the promised Savior, God’s kingdom began to fill the whole earth. And when Jesus was ready to return to his Father, he told his disciples what they must do to spread the good news of his kingdom (Matthew 28:19–20).

The second unit, Christ’s Spirit Gives Power, deals with the coming of the promised Spirit and what it meant for God’s witnesses to depend on him to take the gospel to Jews and Gentiles. Students learn to be sensitive to situations where God in his providence gives us opportunity to witness to others.

In the third unit, Spreading the Good News, students will find out what God provides to prepare us to share the gospel with others: corporate and individual prayer, hearing the preaching of God’s Word, and studying God’s Word. Jesus wants us to be ready to witness for him in any situation we find ourselves, trusting the Holy Spirit to help us.

In the fourth unit, Trusting God to Save His People, the apostle Paul knew that his job was to be a faithful witness and trusted that God would bring his own people to faith. Students will learn what it means for them to trust God to save his people and how they can be faithful witnesses as they live and share the gospel message.

In the fifth unit, Depending on Christ to Build His Church, students will learn that God sent Paul to Rome to spread the gospel and help God’s church grow. The Spirit directed Paul to write epistles to churches and individuals, encouraging them to live for Christ. Paul’s letters form a large part of the New Testament. They teach us how to depend on Christ and live as his church. Students will learn that God continues to expand his church throughout the world through his Spirit, his Word, and the witness of his people, just as he did in the book of Acts.

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The Spring 2 quarter, entitled God’s Growing Church, introduces third and fourth graders to a hands-on study of the book of Acts.


Third and fourth graders are growing in their ability to reason and discover.


This quarter, two hymns have been carefully selected


You will note that in Middle Elementary there is a shift in the teaching method to allow interactive learning to take place.