About This Age Group

Your fifth and sixth graders should already have a basic foundational understanding of major doctrines of the faith. They should have a sound biblical view of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Creation, the Fall, sin, Satan, salvation, the Church, hell, heaven, and the Scriptures.

Learning Bible stories is exciting whether young or old, but preteens are now ready to handle organized units of Bible study. They will dig into the big themes of the Scriptures, presented historically and chronologically. They are ready to focus on the major people, places, and events found in Genesis through Revelation.

For some students, however, this may be their first introduction to Sunday school and the study of God’s Word. If you have several students from a non-church background in your class, be sensitive to their needs and be prepared to explain basic Bible teaching to them. If there are only one or two, allow the class discussion and discovery process to fill in the blanks for them, encouraging them to ask questions or see you after class.

Growing Physically

  • generally healthy
  • active and like to do things
  • can’t sit still for long
  • approaching (or in) puberty

Growing Emotionally

  • can understand other people’s opinions and feelings
  • can feel insecure
  • set a high standard for themselves
  • more aware of personal shortcomings
  • generally dislike outward displays of affection

Growing Socially

  • need relational and social interaction
  • competitive
  • can exhibit negative behavior, such as bullying or teasing
  • can accept rules and limits for behavior
  • want to be like the group
  • give new importance to friends of the same gender and pets
  • strongly concerned about fairness
  • can accept responsibility
  • need acceptance and encouragement
  • enjoy humor
  • like having someone to look up to

Growing Mentally

  • inquisitive
  • can think and reason; compare and contrast
  • have mastered basic reading and writing skills
  • memorize easily
  • develop special interests
  • can work steadily for long periods
  • like competition and challenges

Growing Spiritually

  • understand the elements of the Christian faith
  • able to understand the history and chronology of Scripture
  • developing a value system
  • finding out what it means to belong to Christ and his Church
  • learning to serve and show love to others on a deeper level
  • need encouragement in daily devotions
  • learning to put into practice what they know from God’s Word



Your fifth and sixth graders should already have a basic foundational understanding of major doctrines of the faith.


As time permits, continue to teach great hymns of the faith from Trinity Hymnal (ordered separately).


Older Elementary continues a shift in the method of teaching and learning.