Flexible Curriculum

Each age level—Beginning Kids’ Quest and Elementary Kids’ Quest—has three volumes with 12 lessons in each (36 for each age level, 72 in all). This design makes it appropriate for many different settings and time slots: first hour, Sunday school, homeschool, mom’s morning out, and more. Here are some creative ways you can use it in your setting:

  • School year: Use with both age groups over a nine-month period, September to June, to coincide with the school year. A perfect companion to Show Me Jesus Sunday school — use Show Me Jesus for first hour, and Kids’ Quest for second hour.
  • Two-year program for smaller churches, September to June: Start with Beginning Kids’ Quest the first year and move the children who complete it into Elementary Kids’ Quest the next year.
  • Two-year program, September to June using both age levels, two weeks for each lesson: The first week covers the Bible story and lesson, and the second week reviews the lesson and concentrates on memorization/recitation.
  • One volume at a time: Use one volume for each age group during the summer for three summers. Or use individual volumes or portions of volumes as modules to teach particular topics to the children (such as the Ten Commandments or Lord’s Prayer).

Flexible Age Groups

The flexibility of the Kids’ Quest program allows churches, schools, homeschools, families, and more to adapt the resources to their own needs.

  • Beginning Kids’ Quest is designed for preschoolers (ages 4–5). Order Beginning Volume 1 here.
  • Elementary Kids’ Quest is for 1st through 4th graders (ages 6–10). Order Elementary Volume 1 here.
  • You may include 1st graders in Beginning Kids’ Quest and use Elementary Kids’ Quest with 2nd through 4th graders or even extend it through 6th graders.

Recruiting & Training Volunteers

Volunteers and staff are central to your Kids’ Quest program. The relationships your kids build with the older members of the covenant community are essential to their growth in faith. Click here to download great ideas for Recruiting & Training Staff.

We also have training videos for Kids’ Quest, as well as every age level of Show Me Jesus curriculum!



Each age level—Beginning Kids’ Quest and Elementary Kids’ Quest—has three volumes with 12 lessons in each


Each volume has its own Teacher’s Kit reflecting different learning styles and including teaching visual aids, songs, and a Teacher’s Manual written in age-appropriate language.


Each teacher of Kids' Quest needs 1 Teacher Kit ...