Designs In Worship

Inexpensive – Easy to Use – Bright & Colorful

GCP bulletins do more than provide a pleasant picture and space for the order of worship. They also convey a message that probes and challenges, proclaiming the Word of God.

Carefully selected bulletin themes from God’s Word will set the tone for your weekly worship. Beautiful, full-color photography reflects the wonder of God’s creation.

Each issue focuses on a biblical theme, portrayed in both visual and verbal form. On the front cover, a full-color photograph depicts the theme and incorporates a Scripture text that correlates with the picture. The written message on the back expounds the weekly topic. Taken together, art and words direct the worshiper to some aspect of God’s truth.

You may order bulletins with the back over-leaf blank and have additional room for church announcements. You also have the option of adding a customized imprint. Space is furnished on the lower portion of the front cover for your church’s name and address.

Bulletins are printed on high-quality paper for excellent photocopier reproduction of your text. A space is provided for the order of worship and announcements. Edify and encourage worshipers with the brief, Bible-based messages on the back page.

How to Order

To order Designs In Worship bulletins call 1-866-563-2425 and ask for GCP Bulletins.

Click here to download the 2011 Designs In Worship brochure.


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